Want to grow your business to a great height with Digital Marketing? Want to know from which of your marketing strategy you are getting customers? Giving your few minutes can help in getting your answers. Before I begin with, what is digital marketing and why is digital marketing important? First, lets visualize how marketing was done initially before things turned towards digital. 

Previously, marketing was completely old school where everything was offline which also was denoted by traditional marketing. From our childhood we have seen ads in newspapers, television, posters, hoardings, heard on different radio stations, received promotional calls, where marketers used to promote their Products or services. 

Sometimes these form of marketing turned out to be successful. But, if you look at things statistically then it was a big region of failure as there was no exact data or stats. 

Ads were created and also published but nobody was confident where that ad has reached and the new customer acquired is from which medium.

What is Digital Marketing?

Imagine, you are relaxing on your favourite couch and sipping your favourite coffee and also browsing through your videos. In between, you see an ad of clothing brand that is offering flat 50% off on apparel. Wouldn’t you be excited to know more about the offer and visit the website for more offers? This is a type of digital marketing.  

Digital marketing or internet marketing or online marketing is any form of marketing done through digital channels. 

Digital marketing is a boon to the marketing era.

Difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

If you compare between the old and new type of marketing. You will come across many differences, how it has changed the face of marketing. 

Let’s take an example, an Ad industry is advertising an ad of a makeup product on newspaper and on the hoardings. 

Many will come across these hoardings and newspaper. But it’s difficult to make out from which of the ad location customers saw the ad and made their purchase. Hoardings are too costly and ads cannot be withdrawn at least for 2 to 3 months as there are some policies. 

But now, it is possible to track every customer and work on strategies. Strategies which are working and which are not, by using Digital Marketing. You can also track your customers navigation, to which page he/she had visited and the clicks.

Yes, this is possible!! 

Now it is possible to show the ads according to your choice and also to what age group it be shown. Presume the ad is of a bmw car, so the ad should be shown to the age group between 30 to 40. You can filter your selections according to your choices.

Different types of Digital Marketing

As the usage of the internet has increased, why not take advantage and promote your brand. By simply making a website and not promoting it will not help you in making your brand popular and also people will be clueless about it. You have to work on different channels and add some efforts. Digital Marketing helps to improve your target from all channels of marketing. 

There are various types of digital marketing to help you in getting success.


  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): 

SEO is the most crucial and most important part of ranking organically. It basically increases the visibility of your website online. As I said, it’s the most important part of ranking because it drives more traffic to your website. 

The more traffic and visibility you’ll have for your website, the more customers you’ll obtain. 

  • PPC (Pay Per Click):  

Ever noticed, when you search something online on search console and the top two or three results are ads? That is PPC. 

PPC is running an ad campaign where companies bid to show their product on the top of the search pages. There is a daily budget on the ad campaign, that is, when you click on these ads, some amount is deducted from the campaign according to the bidding cost. This drive sale to your product and services even better. 

  • SMM (Social Media Marketing): 

I have covered this topic in my earlier blog. You can view for more detailed information. 

SMM is to showcase your product on social media. As in today’s time, people are more online and social, It is the best way to promote your product. This can be taken as an advantage to lead the products and services. 

  • Email Marketing: 

 When you log in to a website to buy any electronic product but save it for later, do you receive emails regularly after your visit to the site? 

The email stating either ‘today is 20% off on Earphones’ or ‘we are giving discount voucher coupons to our first 10 customers’, This is Email Marketing. Where you have to pitch your client regarding your products and services. There are automation tools available to send emails to all your customers at the same time. 

  • Content Marketing: 

Content Marketing is showcasing your content, images or videos in a very informative manner. 

Giving good content to your customers will educate them and interest them in your product. Knowing your buyer’s intent and respectively working will help them to get what they want. 

  • Affiliate Marketing: 

 Affiliate Marketing is selling product of a seller, online. 

 Which means, there is a seller who wants to sell his products online but does not have selling skills. And you have all the sales technique and wants to sell products. You can easily sell his products online giving him profit and gaining the profit.

Benefits of Digital Marketing- how it can improve your business sales

Importance of Digital Marketing is only understood when we get to see its benefits. Without getting any results we cannot totally continue with the process. That’s a fact which we all accept. 

  Below are the benefits of digital marketing specially for those who are new in digital marketing.


  • It is very cost-effective

As compared to traditional marketing, Digital Marketing costs very less. If the amount of money invested in digital marketing, the same as traditional marketing, you cannot imagine where you can lead your business. 

But, because of low-cost investment, you need not brood about investing. At a small budget, you can start your online product sales or branding. 

  • It has a better ROI

As Digital Marketing is cost-effective, there are more traffic and sales. The profits earned from sales are greater than the investment. 

All this is possible only marketing in the correct way. 

  • Web Analytics

You can easily keep track of your audience’s behaviour. Their activities are easily traced.

Which of your pages were viewed, How much time did they spend on your page? Did they bounce back? all of these can be easily seen. 

  • Social Media Support

Digital Marketing supports social media to increase your sale. A good ad on social media will lead to good traffic on your website and can increase your sales. 

Here again, the content you write, photos or videos you upload should attract the buyer’s eyes. 

  • Helps in Brand Building

Being everywhere i.e on social media, ranking your website online makes your brand more visible. People can easily find you if you maintain a good image of your brand. 

  • Increase in Sale

All your efforts will work which will bring traffic on your website. Engaging your audience, educating them, will definitely get you, potential customers. It helps in increasing the sale of your product. 

  • Global Reach

You can effortlessly spread your brand all over the world. Just by finding your right audience you can easily reach to anyone living in any part of the world.


These are the factors which can increase your traffic and bring good sales to your business. Don’t wait, start it today with any form of Digital Marketing to bring success to your brand. 

I hope you found this content informative. And I believe you are educated with What is Digital Marketing, Different types of Digital Marketing, Benefits of Digital Marketing and the Difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing. 

If you find this blog helpful, do share it with your friends and with someone who needs to know about it. If you have any doubt, feel free to comment below.