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First, I will ask you a question “What is Social Media Marketing according to you?”

Still muggling? Let me answer, but I assume some of you are aware of it. 

So here it goes…

It’s no rocket science where you need to calculate or manipulate the data and then implement it. But yes you need to have a good piece of knowledge to understand each aspect to work efficiently.

The usage of Social Media is expanding day by day with the increasing of the digital world. If you correlate with the past, Social Media was only taken as a leisure time, where people could connect easily, share important data, photos and videos, but now it is much more fruitful in terms of gaining profits. Why would anyone want to miss the chance of earning from Social Media, I don’t want you to miss it too!

Social Media Marketing Definition:

Social Media Marketing or SMM defines a business or entrepreneur who wants to promote their products or services on social networking sites to easily reach people for their swift growth. SMM is one of the forms of Digital Marketing or Online Marketing.

Basically, it means that a business will make a well-defined strategy to run an ad campaign. The campaign is formed according to the demographics of the audiences like age group, gender, location, interest, and many other factors to target in order to make its brand awareness and promotion of products.

There are many Social Media Marketing Tools available that helps in giving statistics and tracking of your audiences regarding, to whom the ad is reached, who have seen and clicked on your ads, the navigation of the audiences. You can search for these free or paid tools online to target your audience accurately.

So, did you get a gist of the basic definition of social media marketing? I can now pretty figure out what questions are running into your mind. What are the best platforms for SMM? What is the benefit of SMM and how can anyone implement it in your business? Are you thinking about these questions? Don’t worry, I’ll clear all the clouds of questions from your mind and finally, leave you with a wealth of knowledge.

Platforms for Social Media Marketing

Essentially, you know Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc. as some of the Social Media where we all spend most of our time. I would like to put some limelight on the most used Social Media.

Each Social Media Platform is different and serves alike or different purposes. Below I have mentioned some social media which will be very helpful for you in running ads to a great extent! 

  • Facebook:  

Facebook is one of the most used online Social Media and Social Networking Platforms.

It is B2C marketing media where you’ll get demographic(statistical study of populations) of your audience.

According to Facebook Newsroom, there are around 1.56 billion active users daily on average and 2.38 billion monthly active users on Facebook for March 2019. 

  • Instagram:

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking platform, where millions of users post their photos and videos every day. It is truly said ‘an image speaks more than a thousand words’. We are more fond of a visual impression than the content.

According to Jumpermedia, there are more than 500 million users active every day, and around 1 billion users per month.

  • Youtube:

Youtube is a video-sharing social platform. It is both B2B and B2C marketing media. It is the best platform to add your videos in order to increase your sales.

According to Youtube, approximately there are 1.9 Billion logged in users visiting YouTube every month. Every day people watch over a billion hours of video.

  • Twitter:

Twitter is B2C type marketing. People share(tweet) their ideas, thoughts and information. You can easily be updated with what is going around you. According to Hubspot, there are around 46% of users active every day. It had 321 million active users monthly at the end of 2018.

  • LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional (B2B) network on the Internet. According to LinkedIn, more than two new users sign up per second and there are more than 630 million members on LinkedIn. It is the best platform to directly interact with professionals and present your brand.

  • Pinterest:

Pinterest is a social media web and Mobile Application platform.

This platform, allows users to organize and share images and videos from around the Web in order to gain more traffic to your website or blog.

According to Pinterest, there are over 250 million users per month.

What are the benefits of Social Media Marketing

The usage of Social Media Marketing has increased worldwide and made copious profits. It is leading many organizations to accomplish their targets and at times even exceeding it. I can brief you, some of the benefits of social media marketing which is rocketing many businesses in a much more constructive direction than before.

  • Low Cost: 

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on advertising online on Social Media Platforms as it is cost-effective, this is one of the best benefits of SMM I know. Signing up on these platforms are free, so you can think about the next step. Even with a very small budget, easily you can start your campaigns and run brand promotions. You can cover up any platform at a very low cost.

  • Increase in brand awareness:

When you’re already focusing on your targets and promotions on social media, you don’t have to struggle much. People will recognize you and your brand. Social media marketing has helped brands to be more noticeable than before. It has helped you, me and every other person around the world to come across many brands of the same category or other. All this is possible only because of branding in the correct way.

  • Higher traffic and conversion rate:

By making your content, images or videos visually stunning people will be more attracted towards your work. That’s your first step in seeking the attention of your audience. By posting regularly, people will show more interest and won’t try to miss any of your posts. Your audience will start trusting you when you will keep answering all their relative problems and issues. This will lead your audience to become your customers. According to your strategy, you are getting a customer which in the future will recommend you to others. In this way, your website traffic will grow and it will also increase your conversion rate. The more traffic, the more chances will be in increasing the conversion rate.

  • Increase in brand authority:

Building your brand impression is very important. Brand authority is the high recognition of a brand’s ability within its field. When you are interacting with your customers regularly and when they are mentioning your business in their social media it is increasing your brand authority. And by the increase in your brand authority more customers having good experience with you will give good reviews. This will help in exceeding your business growth.

What is the future of Social Media Marketing

Social media is transforming the way brands market themselves online. With each passing year, I can tell you social media marketing is going to reach the sky. In the coming future, there may come more platforms or the existing one will be more updated and you can enjoy the benefit of it to another level, there is no end to this.

You have to work according to your budget to start with Social Media Marketing. You need to invest in components like productions of videos, content creation, tools for automation, graphic design, advertising, promotions, and even on a digital marketing agency. These are the various elements which will help to make a marketing success. But when compared to all other platforms for marketing Social Media is the cheapest and has more reach.

I hope you understood what is Social Media Marketing, Social Media Marketing Platforms, and Benefits of Social Media Marketing. 

Social Media is mostly used for promotions and branding. You have to engage your audience, educate them, and finally, you’ll have a good amount of followers and viewers.

You need to work on the platforms, find your targeted geographical audiences and then form your strategy. If you want to sell your product, first try to understand your buyer intent and accordingly you can fulfil their need.

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